Topical Remedies by Seedtime Farmacy®

What you put ON your body goes IN your body. That's why it's important for us to provide you and your family with petroleum-free alternatives to the over-the-counter products you usually reach for after minor cuts and scrapes. 

We even have a product formulated specifically for deeper wounds that is unlike anything else we've seen on the market. 



Equip yourself and your family
with the all-natural medicine cabinet God designed

Salves by Seedtime Farmacy are just one part of our original product collection that you can get to replace your conventional medicine cabinet with the all-natural, side-effect free medicines created by God for transforming our health. Sample the complete collection of with the full medicine cabinet replacement package we offer when for you to bundle and save.


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If all this sounds AMAZING to you, and you are just itching to know more, make sure not to miss the next time Seedtime Farmacy owner, Dori, goes live on social media with a free learning opportunity for you that we like to call Seedtime Sessions

During our Seedtime Sessions, Dori shares her stories about the all natural medicines from the earth that God created for transforming our health and our lives. She combines years of experience with fun and easy-to-understand ideas, concepts and lessons that YOU can incorporate into your life so that with your greater health, you can become a greater blessing to those around you, naturally. Follow Seedtime Farmacy on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss a free learning opportunity.


Share your stories
of health and healing

We are so encouraged by the stories you share about how you have used Seedtime Farmacy products for transforming your health. Will you share your story so we can celebrate you? Email info (at) or tag @SeedtimeFarmacy on Instagram and Facebook.


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