Personalized Consultations

So you've seen the ways that our all-natural medicine cabinet replacement products just WORK? And you want to know more about how herbs can impact your health? A personalized health consultation with Dori, herbalist & founder of Seedtime Farmacy®, might be right for you.

What to expect

Consultations will last around 1 hour. Together, we will review your health history, 5-day food journal and discuss your wellness goals. This will give us the opportunity to see how we can incorporate herbs into your everyday life. Contact us for more information about how to prepare. 


After the Consultation

Dori will recommend herbal preparations based on your time together. These will be custom items and may need to be picked up at a later date and time. Throughout the next weeks we will be in touch via email or text to discuss how you are feeling and make changes to your preparations as needed.



Initial consults are $50 per client. All herbal preparations and herbal accessories are an additional cost.


Book Now

Contact us to set up your personalized health consultation.  


You Want to Learn More?

If a personalized consultation doesn't fit in your life right now, but all this sounds AMAZING to you, and you are just itching to know more, make sure not to miss the next time Seedtime Farmacy owner, Dori, goes live on social media with a free learning opportunity for you that we like to call Seedtime Sessions

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During our Seedtime Sessions, Dori shares her stories about the all natural medicines from the earth that God created for transforming our health and our lives. She combines years of experience with fun and easy-to-understand ideas, concepts and lessons that YOU can incorporate into your life so that with your greater health, you can become a greater blessing to those around you, naturally.


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