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The convenience of being able to run to a store when ailments strike is something that we can't replace. But we can provide you with 2-day flat-rate shipping for anywhere in the continental US and free local pickups in Winton, GA along with the encouragement to be prepared.

Don't do anything else before you find the bundle that fits you and your family. Whether it's the Over-the-Counter Alternative Bundle for transforming your medicine cabinet, the Respiratory Balance Bundle for sniffles season, the Readiness Bundle for these challenging times or the Holy Tea Bundle so you can sip and savor delicious herbal teas, you'll be happy you have these products in your home.

Over-the Counter Alternative Bundles
by Seedtime Farmacy®

Are you ready to transform your medicine cabinet? When we learned that it was possible to replace well-known over-the-counter products that are full of side-effects with all-natural medicines from the earth that God created, full of of side benefits to transform our health and our lives, we knew we had found our calling. So we formulated a collection that works to make it easy for you to start using these amazing side-effect free natural remedies.

You can buy the products individually, or get a discount when you order the full OTC (over-the-counter) alternative bundles. With 6 tinctures and 1 salve, our bundles can provide relief to you and your family when you are dealing with a variety of common ailments.

We recommend the small bundles for individuals and households of 4 with small children. For households of 4 and up including children who can do their own dishes, the large bundle will do the trick.


By Customer Request...
A Bundle For Sniffles Season

By customer request, we have bundled the Seedtime Farmacy products that provide relief during sniffles season, when the seasons change and the germs abound. You know, when your nose is simultaneously clogged and running (how DOES that even happen?).

New Bundles

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During our Seedtime Sessions, Dori shares her stories about the all natural medicines from the earth that God created for transforming our health and our lives. She combines years of experience with fun and easy-to-understand ideas, concepts and lessons that YOU can incorporate into your life so that with your greater health, you can become a greater blessing to those around you, naturally. Follow Seedtime Farmacy on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss a free learning opportunity.


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