Are you ready to transform your medicine cabinet?

Seedtime Farmacy® can help you replace well-known over-the-counter products that are full of side-effects with all-natural medicines from the earth. God created these medicines from the earth to be full of side benefits to transform our health and our livesWant to learn more?



Our Products

Seedtime Farmacy provides a line of tinctures and teas designed to transform your medicine cabinet. Whether you have an aching back, a runny nose, seasonal allergies or problems falling asleep, Seedtime Farmacy has the products for you and your family, handcrafted with the highest standards by a founder on a mission.


Our Standards

To make the best products for you and your family, procuring the highest quality herbs, mediums, equipment and procedures for herbal therapies is at the heart of our mission.

In addition to the analysis provided by our qualified suppliers, we apply rigorous specifications to ensure the identity, purity, potency, and composition of our products. Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) enforced by the FDA is our standard for ensuring consistent, quality, and safe herbal extractions.


Our Founder

Owner of Seedtime Farmacy, Herbalist Dori Marietta, was first introduced to the healing potential of herbal medicine while on a missions trip. After seeing the disastrous side effects of over-the-counter medications negatively affect her family, Dori went on another mission: this time to learn a better way to take care of common ailments at home, for her family and yours.

Dori has a certificate of herbalism through BotanoLogos School of Herbal Studies where she completed focused training in Formulation, Medicine Making, 5 Element Theory, Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis, Growing-Harvesting & Processing Herbs. With 20 years in Food Service Management and Marketing, operating a commercial kitchen and medicine making facility is second nature and a blessing of the highest form.


 Our Mission

Our mission at Seedtime Farmacy is to glorify God by serving others. 
The way we serve is through the all-natural products we offer for transforming health through herbal preparations. 


Seedtime Farmacy is a registered trademark of Dori Marietta DBA Seedtime Farmacy.