Herbal Teas

Herbal Tea Blends by Seedtime Farmacy®
Yup. They're Called HOLY. 

We call the line of herbal tea blends by Seedtime Farmacy Holy Tea.

...Holy because each tea contains a plant called "Holy Basil"..

...And holy because Seedtime Farmacy is a Christian company in Winston, GA dedicated to sharing the all-natural, side-effect free plants God placed on this earth for transforming our health.  

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Each Holy Tea
counteracts a particular ailment

  • Trouble sleeping? Rest is so important, that God commanded us to remember the Sabbath and keep it holy. Proper rest throughout the week is also essential. Holy Sleep Herbal Tea by Seedtime Farmacy assists in bringing balance to the nervous system, which helps promote healthy sleep.
  • Acid reflux and indigestion? Don't let this discomfort plague you or drag you down. When paired with the right mindset about eating, Holy Reflux Tea by Seedtime Farmacy assists in bringing balance to the upper digestive system, which helps reduce the discomfort of acid reflux and indigestion. 
  • Chronic constipation? Or trouble "going" everyday? Poop isn't so easy to talk about everyday, but our bodies are designed to do it, easily, everyday. If that isn't the case for you, Holy Poop Tea by Seedtime Farmacy assists in bringing balance to the lower digestive system, which supports healthy elimination. 
  • A case of the sniffles? You know that feeling after a cold or flu when you FINALLY feel better? Let's get you there. Holy Sniffles Tea by Seedtime Farmacy assists in bringing balance to the respiratory system, soothing those cold symptoms.
  • Seasonal allergies? If you've always run to the drugstore at the first hint of pollen in the air as spring arrives for your allergy pills, this tea is for you. Formulated by request from our customers, Seasonal Allergy Tea by Seedtime Farmacy assists in bringing balance to the immune system, and lessening the discomfort of seasonal allergies.


Let's get rid of those side effects

The ailments listed above are so common that over-the-counter medications are sold by the thousands each day. Those medications have some nasty side effects.

What would happen if we took an all-natural approach, and replaced our conventional medicine cabinets with the all-natural remedies God made for us? 


Bundle and Save

Wouldn't it be amazing if you and your family could enjoy the benefits of ALL Seedtime Farmacy's delicious Holy Teas, the herbal blends that make a difference? Purchased individually, the 5 teas would cost $29.95, and add a free tea infuser onto that to enjoy a total savings of $6.96 - that's more than one whole free tea!

Get all 5 Holy Teas together with a free tea infuser to bundle and save today!


Start enjoying the health transformation that can happen when you and your family get in the habit of drinking nourishing and healing herbal teas.


Stock your kitchen 
with these all-natural, side-effect free tea blends

Yes, you read that right. Your kitchen. Because there is medicine in the kitchen. 

We made these all-natural, side-effect free tea blends because getting in the habit of drinking herbal teas to support the body's natural ability prevent and counteract certain ailments is transformative, and we know you'll feel a difference and enjoy the process.

There's something to knowing and honoring that the body is a temple as is written in I Corinthians 6:19 as you prepare and enjoy your herbal tea.


An Easy Guide to
Preparing Our Loose Leaf Tea

All of Seedtime Farmacy’s teas are loose. This means they are not pre-bagged or pre-portioned. In order to make a cup of our tea for consumption you will need a tea infuser also known as a tea ball. These can be purchased on our website for $2.99 each and are also for sale at many other retailers. 

We recommend utilizing a 1-inch ball and fill it ¾ full of tea blend and steep for 10 minutes in hot or boiling water. This is also referred to as a hot infusion. You have just made your first herbal remedy, friend!


Equip yourself and your family
with the all natural medicine cabinet God designed

We offer an intro to the complete Seedtime Farmacy collection with the full medicine cabinet replacement package we made for you to bundle and saveGet your bundle today.


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If all this sounds AMAZING to you, and you are just itching to know more, make sure not to miss the next time Seedtime Farmacy owner, Dori, goes live on social media with a free learning opportunity for you that we like to call Seedtime Sessions

During our Seedtime Sessions, Dori shares her stories about the all natural medicines from the earth that God created for transforming our health and our lives. She combines years of experience with fun and easy-to-understand ideas, concepts and lessons that YOU can incorporate into your life so that with your greater health, you can become a greater blessing to those around you, naturally. Follow Seedtime Farmacy on Instagram and Facebook so you don't miss a free learning opportunity.


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of health and healing

We are so encouraged by the stories you share about how you have used Seedtime Farmacy products for transforming your health. Will you share your story so we can celebrate you? Email info (at) seedtimefarmacy.com or tag @SeedtimeFarmacy on Instagram and Facebook


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