Taking Stock Before You Stock Your Kitchen

Taking Stock Before You Stock Your Kitchen

I always cared about my weight but never my health! That’s really hard to admit now but it’s true. Not until I returned from Cat Island, Bahamas in 2012 (read more about that life-changing trip here) had I ever thought about longevity and living a quality life without illness.

A very special, very sprite 93-year-old woman named Mary exuded health. She gave me a few tips one of them being eating fresh from the ocean and homegrown vegetables and fruits.

I began research on food the moment my cell phone was back in service range and to be honest that research hasn’t stopped. There is always something to learn about the body and how it functions best.

When I began my research, I noticed something almost immediately…every fad diet contradicted another fad diet. It was exhausting. I’d form an opinion and then BAM I’d read something else that changed that opinion. So, I started talking to God and praying for wisdom in this part of my life and was led to look at more primitive eating philosophies, like Mary had recommended, and that’s where I basically landed.

Our Father built our bodies to ingest very particular items…those that He made. From the forest, sea and land he brought abundance to us all. Unfortunately, not all meats, vegetables, fruits and sea life are created equal, today.

There are so many additives in food, some of which I can't even pronounce! And I'm supposed to feed THOSE to my family? I don't think so. As I learned more, I learned that food is medicine. And, I came to find that medicine is, well, not always good. I learned about all the many side effects that come along with common over-the-counter medications for common health issues that my family deals with on a day-to-day basis. I knew I wanted better, and through this SEEDTIME journey, I am helping others get on that path too! 

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