Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts: A Challenge

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts: A Challenge

While many of us are at home for several weeks to come and are adjusting to the new normal (for now), I want to challenge YOU, my friends in Christ, to take some time to learn what your spiritual gifts are and how they apply to God’s purpose for your life, the ministry He has planned for you. 

Confirming my Gifts, Affirming my Ministry

Recently I went on a spiritual gifts retreat with 9 members of my life group. It was a weekend of fellowship and so much more.

During the retreat, I learned this awesome equation that makes so much sense to me…

Passion and/or Talent + Spiritual Gifts = Ministry

We took a test to help us understand our spiritual gifts. You can take it too - it's completely free at

After I filled out the easy questionnaire (it takes about 10 minutes), if I’m being totally honest, I was on pins and needles waiting on the results from my test to validate a ministry that I’ve spent 7 years working towards. Sounds silly now that I’m typing it out, but I was a little nervous.

In the moments before I first reviewed my gifts, I remembered God’s faithfulness in my ministry journey; the doors that opened, the motivation that came out of nowhere and the creativity that I know was not my own.

As I reviewed my gifts, they perfectly aligned with my ministry and I realized that God knew my lack of intention and applied his grace to my circumstances  anyway. What a great God we have! Even though I was frantically devouring His word I truly didn’t know how empowering it would be to know the gifts given to me on the day I was saved. 

A Challenge for YOU

I walked away from the retreat empowered by the spiritual gifts test and confirmation from that ministry equation that I am working in alignment with His plan for my life. I feel enlivened with such a sense of purpose, so motivated for Christ and equipped with full validation: I want that for you, too. 

I challenge you, sweet friend, to visit in the coming weeks and meditate on the ministry equation: 

Passion and/or Talent + Spiritual Gifts = Ministry.


An Encouragement to Fan the Flames...

God has such an amazing plan for you, a ministry that only you can do in the unique way that he formed you. Touch others with that ministry and know that you were chosen and worthy of the adventure ahead. Most of us will not luck into our path, we must study, pray, explore and seek God’s best for our life. I am excited for you to continue discovering your spiritual gifts, combining them with your passions and talents, and blessing others through your ministry.

“You received a gift from God when I placed my hands on you. Now I'm reminding you to fan that gift into flames.”

-2 Timothy 1:6  (GOD'S WORD® Translation)