Purpose and Health - Finding the Connection

Purpose and Health - Finding the Connection

It wasn't until I found my health and learned how to maintain it that I got clear on my purpose. I wonder if your journey has been similar...or maybe even if you are just starting on your journey.

Because we live in a profit-driven society, we have many manufacturers of products that are not concerned with our health to the degree that they are concerned with their bottom line. Ouch, right? That’s how I felt when I first accepted the news.

Thankfully social corporate responsibility is on the rise and many people from all fields and specialties are acknowledging the link between overall wellness and diet. Hallelujah! Proverbs 14:30 says “a sound mind makes for a robust body.” To me that means, live engaged, make informed decisions about what you eat and how you live, and you will prosper as God intended.

You see, our Father chose each of us to fulfill a very particular mission, of his, on this earth. He assigned gifts and talents to provide us direction and an advantage. If we are inundated with illness, disease, melancholy or disbelief we have very little opportunity to pursue our purpose-driven lives. Our most important assignment left by the roadside. 

Let each of us honor God and ourselves by living a life full of intention, purpose and good health.


Lord let us take stock of our health. Let us love ourselves and these wonderful bodies you gave us so that we can be all that you intended us to be. Grant us wisdom to make informed decisions that we can live on-mission lives for your kingdom. Amen.