Continuing with Elderberry in This Time of Uncertainty

Continuing with Elderberry in This Time of Uncertainty

Many of y’all have been messaging about elderberry, especially those of you who are already big fans of the Seedtime Farmacy Elderberry Tincture

Is it safe?

Can it hurt?

Will it make me worse if I have a virus? 

These are all really valid and important questions that have come up recently. To answer these recent questions about elderberry, I’ve been looking to top experts in my field and their take on these very questions, and am sharing the best information I can find with you here. 

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

(and continue taking elderberry everyday).

After pondering the questions, the association of elderberry with something called a "cytokine storm" and going to the experts, I have concluded that  because of what the experts say, we are going to keep taking our elderberry.

The bottom line is that you and I both have to do what feels right. Because I have a responsibility to my family, my community, and my customers, if I had the slightest reason to stop taking or selling elderberry, I would - in a heartbeat. And if there are any new developments, I will tell you right away.

For right now, as Joshua 24:15 says, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." That means looking out for our neighbors, staying home, and other preventive measures I'll discuss in the next Seedtime Session. Tune in tomorrow 3/18 at noon (EST) on Colds, Flus and Viruses on Facebook Live (but if you miss it, the recording will be available). 

The experts say, elderberry has been getting a bad rap....

I am so grateful that I am part of a community of herbalists and natural practitioners that care, and have honed their expertise over years of practice and training. These experts are those using their gift of scientifically minded intelligence to understand this novel situation, and they are also communicating the complexity clearly. 

Aviva Romm is a Yale-trained medical doctor. Before she became a physician, she was an herbalist. Here's her take on the elderberry conversation. Part of the article she wrote is pasted below. It's the clearest article I've read so far about elderberry and the immune system, and I'd recommend it to you if you'd like to learn more. 

My takeaway, in Dr. Aviva's words: "the association with elderberry and the cytokine storm is implausible."

And further information from my herbal community

7Song is the integrative health director at the Ithaca Free Clinic (Ithaca, NY). It's important to me, at this time of an unprecedented public health crisis, to acknowledge that there are times to diverge from modern medicine when it doesn't get things right (like the side-effects of over-the-counter remedies), and times to work together in an integrative way. That time for working together is now. 

 Here is 7Song's statement, in agreement with Dr. Aviva about how elderberry is getting a bad rap.


In Conclusion, We Carry On and Continue with Elderberry in this Time of Uncertainty

I hope this is helpful for you, friends.

Remember to breathe deep and pray in this time of uncertainty. If you can, tune into the Seedtime Session I have planned for you on 3/18 at noon to discuss natural preventive measures for colds, flus and viruses, as well as the new products that my family is taking everyday to support our health naturally.

During the Session, I'll be giving away 3 bottles of elderberry tincture as part of our contest on Instagram, so head over to Instagram and enter to win if you haven't already. 

Stay safe, be well, and rest knowing that God is in control.


I'll Stay Informed and in Touch

Again, I will continue monitoring what the experts in the industry say. I will be posting updates as they are available.