Transforming Health Through Herbal Preparations

As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter,
day and night will never cease. - Genesis 8:22

About Seedtime Farmacy

In the age of astronomical healthcare costs and pharmaceutical drug abuse and side effects many of us are looking for alternatives to managing our family’s wellbeing. This is why Seedtime Farmacy exists. We believe that it is no mistake that God blessed this world with herbs, barks, flowers, roots and mushrooms with medicinal qualities. In fact, many pharmaceutical drugs are derived from these same items but filled with other toxic chemicals. These incredible gifts are for our benefit.

At Seedtime Farmacy we offer health consultations, teas, salves, tinctures and accessories made with the highest quality plant-life, mediums, equipment and procedures. Our philosophy is that wellness can only be obtained by bringing into balance one’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

If you are an herbalist, we can provide bulk tinctures and custom formula tinctures over 8 ounces. We are also happy to help you build your office or home apothecary with over 40+ herbs and endless combinations at your fingertips. Please sign into our herbalist page for more details.


Holy Basil Teas

The below line of “Holy Basil” Teas provide the regenerative, stress-reducing, radioprotective and neuroprotective qualities each of us requires to fight the negative effects of the modern world we live in. When paired with system specific herbs these teas will bring balance and wellbeing back to those body systems that are unwell.